The best of Poás Café Rualdo

About us

Café Rualdo is a family business that produces specialty coffee on the slopes of the Poás volcano, we produce a coffee with favorite flavors and blessed to be harvested in active volcanic lands, seeking to be a leading company in the fine coffee market of Costa Rica, with very high quality standards, always working in harmony with the environment.


We are a family business, producer of high quality coffee, produced in the volcanic area of Poás, with attributes that this generates, we work providing confidence to our customers, exceeding their expectations, through ecological production systems and human quality through the experience of our values.


We project ourselves with our products, from Café Rualdo as a leading company, a benchmark in the country, highlighting Poás as a production area of very high quality coffee, nationally and internationally, pleasing our customers with deep flavors and aromas and other products.


Trust: Generate security by acting in the right way.

Responsibility: Encourage workers themselves, customers and the environment in general.

Integrity: Act before the moral.

Availability to change: Willingness to innovation, openness, search for new markets and projection.

Passion: Wanting what we do and fighting every day to improve what we offer.

Honesty: Always try to put upright and honest conduct and the commitment to act truthfully.