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Café Rualdo is a family business whose farm is located on the slopes of the Poás Volcano and where its The main task is the production of the golden bean. It's taste favorite is obtained thanks to the minerals of volcanic lands active in the area.

About Us

  • Mrs. Cristina Chaves Solís, received as an inheritance a property of 2.8 hectares, to venture into agricultural activity, specifically in coffee agriculture.
  • Juan Arce Solís, Doña Cristina's husband, works the farm, cleaning the vegetation to prepare it for coffee cultivation with the help of his son José Ángel.
  • José David Arce Cordero, son of José Ángel, begins to process small quantities of coffee to learn about the preparation processes. Make visits micro benefits of the country to acquire more knowledge.
  • PROCOMER awards José David Arce Cordero the "Green Growth" award for the purchase of ecological machinery. This allows you to process the coffee in a more environmentally friendly way. environment and at a lower cost. The award also includes the country brand certification “Esencial Costa Rica" for the Café Rualdo brand.
  • At the Café Rualdo farm, they work with high-quality botanical varieties. cup quality and the coffee seedlings are produced themselves.

Our Products

Gourmet Coffee

Rualdo Gourmet stands out for its washing process, which highlights exceptionally the profile characteristic of origin coffees. This method is used for many of our coffees because to its ability to enhance natural flavors. In each cup of Rualdo Gourmet, you will find Distinctive notes of cocoa, citrus, silkiness and white tea.

Specialty Coffee

Rualdo Specialty Coffee stands out for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavor. To get this classification, you must go through a rigorous evaluation and obtain a score greater than 85 points in the absence of defects. It is the perfect choice for demanding coffee lovers, as offering a unique sensory experience with captivating flavors and aromas.

Classic Coffee

Rualdo Classic Coffee is made with beans that have gone through a 16 gauge sieving. Despite Although they are considered of lower quality, these beans retain an exceptional flavor, providing a balanced and pleasant cup. The mixture is roasted to a medium dark level, which enhances its profile and gives it a captivating chocolate aroma.

Gourmet Coffe
Dark Roast

Our Rualdo Gourmet Roasted Coffee Dark in washing process characterized by its dark brown color. This roasting reduces the intensity of the acidity and caffeine levels without compromising the complexity of its aromas. Sweet notes and a harmonious balance between acidity and sweetness, with intense aromas and a more pronounced body. Besides, Subtle bitter notes are appreciated as a result of the caramelization of the bean.

Medium Roast

Rualdo Gourmet Medium Roast Coffee is a perfect choice for those who want to preserve the flavors and aromas authentic origin coffee. This roast stands out exceptionally the characteristics and attributes of coffee, achieving an optimal balance between acidity and sweetness.

Light Roast

Light roasts are known by providing a flavor experience characterized by their acidity and delicacy. These roasts preserve to a greater extent the original notes and nuances present in the coffee beans. Unlike dark roasts, which tend to develop deeper flavors and Bitter, light roasts highlight the natural qualities of the coffee variety used.

Specialty Coffee
Natural Process

At Rualdo, the preservation of traditional practices is valued and we seek to highlight the natural essence of coffee through the natural process. This methodology not only avoids the use of water, a scarce and valuable resource, but also allows the coffee beans to mature slowly, preserving its flavor and quality.

Honey Process

At Café Rualdo, we carry out a meticulous production process to ensure that all of our coffees are 100% ripe. Once the beans reach optimal maturity, they go through the processing wet, where the pulp is removed without eliminating the mucilage, which is the honeyed layer that surrounds the bean. During the drying process, this Mucilage adheres to the bean, resulting in more intense flavors than those obtained through washing, because the mucilage contains a large amount of sugars and acids that provide distinctive notes to the final flavor of the coffee.

Peaberry Caracolillo

Peaberry, also known as Caracolillo, is not a variety or a process in itself. Normally, coffee fruits develop into two beans, but on rare occasions, a single seed becomes fertilized and grows into a small, round bean that resembles a snail. At first, this phenomenon was considered a defect, but over time it has acquired a special status as a highly appreciated and sought-after coffee. Its aromatic intensity and a cup balanced in body, acidity and caramel notes are its main attributes. The scarcity of this bean is due to the fact that only approximately 5% of the entire production can be harvested.

Classic Coffee

Rualdo Clásico Coffee is made with beans that have undergone 16 gauge sieving. Despite be considered of lower quality, these beans retain an exceptional flavor, providing a cup balanced and pleasant. The blend is roasted to a medium-dark level, which enhances its profile and gives it confers a captivating chocolate aroma.



Santa Rosa, Poás, Alajuela, Costa Rica


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